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#Classics (since 1945)

During the Edo period (1603 - 1868), under the foreign relations policy named “Sakoku”, no foreigner could enter nor could any Japanese leave the country. It was ended in the Meiji period, Japanese government strongly pushed “modernization”. Instituions and customs changed remarkably and the Western culture was introduced. As a result, Japanese literary style moved to its modern form and the foundation of the modern literature was laid.

In 1914, the first world war broke out and in 1923, the Great Kant? earthquake occurred.
In the struggles of reconstruction, the second world war was coming. Literatures reflects the air at that time.

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#Modern (1945-1973)

World war Ⅱ was over in August, 1945 and Japan was ruled under SCAP, and drastic reforms were executed.
At the Korean War (1950-53), Japan economy recovered and enter into a war boom as a mejor supplier to the UN force.
It was decided that the Summer Olympics (1964) and the World Exposition(1970) were held in Japan, it achived rapid and complete economic recovery and growth.
On the other hand, the long‐drawn‐out serious issues such as the environmental pollution and the economic devide grew worse. And the 1973 oil crisis begun.
Through that turbulent period, some novels as an art form enhance enjoyment for everybody.

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#Contemporary (1973-)

The “bubble" economy burst, bringing about the present slump.
“Structure reform” * brought up as economic recovery program completely changed social framework.
Sending the Defense Forces to Iraq in 1992 shook the concept to the Article 9 of the Constitution which provides “the renunciation of war, abandonment of forces and war potential, and the recognization of the right of belligerency”.
In 1995 the Great Hanshin earthquake, in 2011 “T?hoku earthquake and tsunami” occurred, causing a large number of casualties and nuclear disaster.
Many works including performances on these earthquakes and disasters have been created.
On a worldwide scale, the breakthrough of IT caused a new turn to the literature such as taking the style of animation and games in it, enhancing entertainment factor and aiming the specific readers base on marketing.

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