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Kanae MinatoKanae Minato (湊かなえ Minato Kanae, born 1973) is a Japanese writer of crime fiction and thriller.
She started writing in her thirties. Her first novel Confessions became a bestseller and won the Japanese Booksellers Award.
She has been described in Japan as "the queen of iyamisu."
Iyamisu (eww mystery) is a subgenre of mystery fiction which deals with grisly episodes and the dark side of human nature.
Readers blurt out "eww" when they are reading iyamisu (eww mystery) novels.
The term was created in 2006 by the mystery critic Aoi Shimotsuki.
There has been an iyamisu (eww mystery) boom in Japan since around 2012.
Kanae Minato, Mahokaru Numata and Yukiko Mari are regarded as representatives of the genre in Japan.

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Notable works:
  Confessions (2008)

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