Akimi Yoshida

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Akimi Yoshida

Akimi YoshidaAkimi Yoshida (吉田 秋生 Yoshida Akimi, born August 12, 1956) is a Japanese manga artist.

- Beyond gender
- classic managa worth reading if you like "Akira"

When Akimi Yoshida was at 16, John Lennon sang "Woman is the Nigger of the World" (1972).
She went through puberty in the period when how women should be and their surroundings were changing dramatically.

And then she turned over how "Shojo manga" (a kind of manga which aimed at a teenage female readership) should be, by her masterpiece "Banana Fish" (1985-94).

Her manga is quite different from "Shojo mangas" till then which mostly described romantic love stories and enough cool to get considerable support among male readers who had never shown interest in female manga artists.

In 2007, 22 years have passed since "Banana Fish" was published, "Umimachi Diary" was appeared opening up a new field on this period where abrupt changes surrounding women are going to be settled.

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