Fumiko Hayashi

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Fumiko Hayashi

Fumiko HayashiFumiko Hayashi (林 芙美子 Hayashi Fumiko, December 31, 1903 or 1904 (Japanese sources disagree on the birth year) – June 28, 1951)

“I was fated to be a wanderer. I have no home." [from "Diary of a Vagabond" in 1927]

Born as a daughter of an itinerant foster-father, she traveled around in an extreme poverty.
After graduating from girl's high school, she went up to the capital Tokyo following her lover, but lost him and was forced to drift from job to job.
"Horoki", her diary of those days was published and soon went straight to the best sellers list.
Her works revolve around themes of men and women who were made a fool of by their destiny.
It is also interesting that she loves travelling and made long oversea trips again and again after she could live at ease.

Notable works:
  Floating Clouds (1951)
  Diary of a Vagabond (1927)

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