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Hiroya Oku

GantzHiroya Oku (奥 浩哉 Oku Hiroya, born September 16, 1967 in Fukuoka, Fukuoka) is a manga artist who is the creator of Gantz, Zero One and HEN, all of which have been serialized in Young Jump.

Significant features of Japanimation and manga are to make no mention of ideology and religion while taking up intellectual matter (philosophy, science and medicine) or Fantasy (the traaditional concept of the next world, SF story and so on) frequently.
One of the most renowned Japanimation “Ghost in the shell” shows it in the highest level.

Gantz also have the feature with just one exception, its religious perspective.
Gantz rules the world at its disposal, same as the God does. And here, the god is egoistic like a spoiled child.

Many Japanese think of themselves as a member of no religion, meanwhile there were lots of opinion that "the 21th Century will be the time for religion" several decades ago.
Have we begun to care the god’s rule at last? I am curious about it.

Notable works:
  Gantz (2011-)

 Next author (Naoki Urasawa)