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Hiromi Kawakami

Hiromi KawakamiHiromi Kawakami (川上弘美 Hiromi Kawakami,born April 1, 1958, is a Japanese writer known for her off-beat fiction.
She made her debut as "Yamada Hiromi" in NW-SF No. 16, edited by Yamano Koichi and Yamada Kazuko, in 1980 with the story So-shimoku ("Diptera"), and also helped edit some early issues of NW-SF in the 1970s.
She reinvented herself as a writer and made her second debut in mainstream literature with her first book, a collection of short stories entitled God (Kamisama) published in 1994.
Her novel The Teacher's Briefcase (Sensei no kaban) is a love story between a woman in her thirties and a man in his seventies.
She is also known as a literary critic and a provocative essayist.

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Notable works:
  Strange Weather in Tokyo(The Briefcase) (2012)
  Manazuru (2006)

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