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Ko MachidaKo Machida (町田 康 Machida Kō, born Machida Yasushi on January 15, 1962 in Sakai, Osaka)

He has had a very unique and varied career as punk rock singer, actor and author.

In 1978, he formed a punk rock band and in 1981, released a debut record album. But only 3 months later it spilt up. After that, he repeatedly formed a number of bands or units and mainly act live performance. He also acted in some movies, TV dramas and advs.

In 1992, he published the poetical works and in 1996, published his first novel, which earns him the Bunkamura Deux Magots Literary Award and an Akutagawa Prize nomination.?
His style of writing and sense of humor is unique enough to be said that he must be influenced by Rakugo, a Japanese traditional verbal entertainment, and Rock music.

His answer on an interview gives us a glimpse of his personality.

"Reading books can have a profound effect. It can't give an instantaneous knowledge. What we feel in reading will uncomfortably pass into our body little by little. Feeling like a hangover, we should go back to the real life.?
That's just reading."[jp]

Notable works:
  Punk Samurai (2004)

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