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Shigeru Mizuki

Shigeru MizukiShigeru Mizuki (水木 しげる Mizuki Shigeru, real name: Shigeru Mura, born March 8, 1922)

Yokai professor

His works must be categorized into holler on But it is not so appropriate in reality.
And moreover, Yokai described by him are difficult to translate into English accurately. Ghosts, creatures, demons, monsters, phantoms...none of them expresses its full meaning.

In Japan, there is a folk belief that multitudinous gods dwell in all things and affairs.
Maybe the concept has something in common with that of Greek mythology. Plainly speaking, "Yokai" is a kind of "outsider" who is excluded from the god's world.

But "outsider" is not regarded as just a bad lot here while there are principles that "outsider" is enough cumbersome to eliminate (or to give relief) in the English-speaking world. We come up against a cultural brick wall again.

Then, here comes Shigeru Mizuki.
You can easily accept what I say when reading his manga where every Yokai is active in its place.

His Yokai story reminds us of old tales all over the world where we can find the secret and mystery there.
Do see Yokais something humorous and find your favorite.

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