Shuntaro Tanikawa

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Shuntaro Tanikawa

Shuntaro TanikawaShuntaro Tanikawa (谷川 俊太郎 Tanikawa Shuntarō) (born December 15, 1931 in Tokyo City, Japan) is a Japanese poet and translator.

He is one of the most widely read and highly regarded of living Japanese poets, both in Japan and abroad, and a frequent subject of speculations regarding the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Several of his collections, including his selected works, have been translated into English, and his Floating the River in Melancholy, translated by William I. Eliott and Kazuo Kawamura, won the American Book Award in 1989.

Notable works:
  二十億光年の孤独 (1952)
  すき (2006)

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