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Risa Wataya

Risa WatayaRisa Wataya (綿矢 りさ Wataya Risa?, born February 1, 1984)

An ecologist of the youth

She started writing when reading novels written by Osamu Dazai at high school.
At the age of 17, she won the Bungei prize and at 19, won the Akutagawa Prize.
Both of them are time-honored awards in Japan and have been a gateway to success as an author.
As she was the youngest winner at the point of winning in both cases, attracted a great deal of public attention.

Leading characters of her novels has been young men and women who have conflicts.
She got married last year and arrived at the age of 31 as of today.
It is interesting that what sort of people she will write about after this.?

Notable works:
  I Want to Kick You in the Back (2003)
  Install (2001)

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